Map & Buildings

Building #Name
1Dining Hall
The Corlise Steam Engine
2The Original Office
3Anderson Building
4The Repair Shop
5Historic Main Street
The Craft Fair
Barb Wire Museum
6Beougher and Busse Building
7Thompson Car and Truck Museum
8Eggers Building
9Blacksmith Shop
10The Creamery
11The Bacon Building
The Steam Shop
12Quilt Shop
The Print Shop
14Dorsch and Sawyer Building
15Brubaker Building
16Wilkens Building
17The Clark Toy Museum
18Wright Building
19Fikan Building 
20Leach and Hendricks Barn
Travel Museum
21School House
22Sod House
23Neville Church
24Hays Building
26The Koken Observatory
27Tool Museum
28The Visitors Center
Raymond Library
29The Country Kitchen
31The Young and Bressler Hanger
32The Helen Brubaker Garage
Other attraction:
The Bell Tower
The Cook Shack