Vendor Registration Form

Would you like a booth/space to sell your items? Please fill out the form below if you would like to sell items or food at our next show. To be a vendor we charge $25.00 per 10X10 indoor or 10X20 outdoor space. As a vendor you will receive a 3 day pass, if you need additional passes/admissions they are available for sale. If you need tables, please note we have a limited supply, and coverings are highly recommended.

If electricity is needed an additional $10.00 per show day will be charged. We have very limited electricity available. Each vendor is limited to 10amps of service, so if you are running a machine that has higher than a 10amp draw you will need to be in an outdoor space with a generator that you provide.

Do you have a food truck? We have space’s available for $100.00. If you need electricity for your food truck, please contact a board member to discuss needs and availablity.

If you are interested in renting the Country Kitchen please contact a board member for more information.

Please note that beginning 2024, all vendors need to be in place by 9:00 am Thursday, July 25th and remain until the end of the show on Saturday. There will be no vehicles allowed to drive on to the show grounds during the show and all non-show vehicles need to be parked in the main parking lot during the show.

Vendor space is on a first come first serve basic. We will send you an invoice once you are selected to be a vendor and assigned a space. All vendors are responsible for collecting and paying their own sales tax per Kansas State Law. All food vendors are required to be fully licensed to prepare and sell food in the State of Kansas. All vendors are responsible for their own liability insurance policy. MLM vendors will be placed in available booths only after non-MLM vendors have been placed. Only one MLM company per product will be allowed.

Select the type of vendor & space you need?
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I have read the information provided. I will follow the rules and requirment of Tri-State Antique Engine & Threshers Association, Inc and the Laws of the State of Kansas.

If you are displaying an item, tractor, steam engine, automobile or implement that is not for sale, please do not fill out this form. Please fill out the Exhibitor Form.